Do You Deliver?

Yes! We deliver locally in Fort Worth! You can order online and choose delivery (order minimums + delivery fees apply) or fill out a custom inquiry form

Do You Install?

At this time Stellar is no longer taking any additional installation clients! Although we do offer many balloon options that require little to no installation and we have videos that make hanging garlands a breeze! View our tutorial videos here!

How long do balloons last?

Unfortunately due to weather and transportation methods being out of our control once you pick up your order we are unable to warranty any balloons BUT air filled balloons can last indoors for several days to weeks, or even months! 

Helium Balloons can last a couple days or longer. 

How Many Feet of Garland Do I Need? 

That all depends! Send us an inquiry form and we can help you decide. Simply measure the space you're wanting to decorate, send us photos/video + inspiration photos and we can help you achieve that look in your space.


How Far in Advance Do I Need to Order? 


Ideally as easy as possible as some items may be unavailable or out of stock, but we normally require 2-3 days in advance for most orders online. 

I've Already Bought Balloons, Can I Use Them for My Order? 

Unfortunately no. Due to quality control we only use our own brands and our own balloons. No exceptions.  

At this time Stellar is not taking any new clients for installation projects.

If you'd like to place a custom order for Grab & Go Balloons or for local delivery (no installation) we offer lots of options outside what we have on our website! 

Please fill out an inquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!